christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Photo At The Family Gathering

Eppylover The Christine and her clone da Stephy
Eppylover The Christine with her clone da Stephy

Funny (?) story: Our family (at least 15 people) had a large get-together last night, and out of curiosity / testing my memory, I asked my sister (within the context of a conversation I was having with her daughter/my niece) if she knew which Beatle was my favorite ... and she replied, to my surprise, that "yeah, you've been totally in love with a dead guy, their manager, since the beginning." And walked away with that "get-a-life" attitude.

Dang. I thought I pretty well had that hidden. My family doesn't read my LJ, so how....? Well, I'd mention him once in awhile (again, as nearly in context with the ongoing conversation as possible, or whenever someone asked about an Eppy photo appearing on my screen). So maybe I'm more transparent than I think I am ... or maybe I revealed more in the old days than I thought I did.

Back in the mid- to late-60's I had 15 (Beatlepeedles) penpals -- and at 5 cents for regular 1st class I still had to scrimp (normal teenagers didn't usually have jobs then, and what the hell is an "allowance" anyway, Christy?) or beg stamps from Ma.

With the current cost of living now, as compared to then, postage is WAY out of line!
Conversely, at about the same rate, the post office's efficiency has gone WAY down.
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*the eppylover goes all nostalgic on yer ass*

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