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Herman's Hermits - and especially Keith Hopwood


Herman and The Nurk Twinselfslut gifted us with this pic of Herman & The Nurk Twins on the beatlepics community! She gave me the shove I needed to google an old mini-crush of mine (nothing near what Eppy was for me, but who could ever surpass him?)...

To be honest, I was on the Herman side of the Herman's Hermits/Rolling Stones scale back in the 60's. My regular readers will know that since the end of 1967's fatal "Summer of Love" I kind of walked around dazed with a sad halo over my head. A very chaste confused good girl who never dated. I suppose if I'd been born 20 years later, I'd have latched onto the "boy band" craze (oy gevalt!) like my niece did. Who knows.

To get back to the subject of Herman's Hermits, I was actually a Keith Hopwood luvver. Did you know that more recently he was the score composer for "Bob The Builder" ...?
Since the original Hermits disbanded, Keith (with Lek) formed Pluto Music, in 1968, and Keith has been with it since then. The company looks like a very lovely animation company that - reading the text on that page - has actually initiated some really innovative technological and creative breakthroughs!
(If you keep refreshing this linked page, you'll see various pics of Keith through the years!)


He's gotten even better-looking
through the years, I think.


The man has certainly aged very well,
considering what some of his contempo-
raries have ended up looking like.

On, there is a page which describes his first encounter with The Beatles, in the days just after Ringo became their droomer:
Then one day, the Beatles played on the field outside what was our sort of residence. Urmston Football Club. Can you imagine having the Beatles play on a field outside your little local teen club?

This was of course the thing that would change my life, and the truth is I only went to see the openers Brian Poole and the Tremeloes. I can never forget the strange feeling I felt as I watched Mal and Neil (both who would later become almost as famous as the Beatles would), push Ringo's drum kit forward. I knew that this was something special.
Of course, the entire story is fascinating to read! It's called Chapter 1: Meet the Beatles Part One - and it's the first chapter in the online autobiography written by Peter Noone himself (who also keeps up a magnificent blog, by the way). With everything else, performing, etc. how does he find the time, the scamp?!

Check these out!
Keith's page on Herman's (squee)
Keith's Bradford Animation Festival page
Keith offers a Hermits suit for charity drive

And finally, here's a geocities website created by someone who's absolutely barmy over Mr. Hopwood, to the extent that she calls her site mrs hopwood...! My goodness...

Of course, you can click around these sites for other Herman's Hermits junk, you're not restricted to Keith!
~*~*~ By the way, Li'l Eppy and I both feel he needs a shave REAL BAD. ;P ~*~*~

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