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So frustrated and disgusted with myself ... I spent hours composing a long Brian essay to post on the community, and for some reason the backdated box was checked ... and after I hit "update journal" I got a screen saying you cannot backdate a community post ... and all my writing was LOST. And I was so proud of it. I can't re-do it like it was. Even if I could, I don't have the time.

Usually before I post something I'll back it up on a text document just in case. The one time I don't do that, this happens.

Besides the house needing to be re-roofed because of the high winds ($$$), our water heater leaking and needing to be replaced ($$$), etc.

Saint Brian Epstein, hear my prayers. I might as well pray to Brian, it does just as much good as praying to anyone else (talking in your head and believing someone can hear it, haha).

If the old man wasn't expecting "dinner on the table" when he gets home, I'd go right back to bed.

Courvoisier and Carbital. L'Chaim!

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