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...something different...

...omigawd, an actual "whazzup in my life" post.

Our town celebrated Halloween last night because Grandville is a pit of x-tian (christian) religion and they won't do it on Sunday. I put on a blue wig and some makeup to answer the door, gave out bite-sized Baby Ruths and Crunch bars. Steph dressed up as what she calls an empress vampire. Dale had to do call-back in the city of G.R. because a bunch of limbs fell in the high winds we had (he does tree work).


She didn't like the look of the face paint, but the other kids were waiting and she ran off with them. Gave me a lot of the candy later, hahaha!

Well, have a good (as Jack on "Will & Grace" calls it) "Gay High Holy Days" !


"I - heart - Brian"
(I don't know how to make those little hearts, haha, oh well!)


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