christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Aauuuuggghhhh! *Pulls out garlic, cross and no-pest strip*

This frightens me:
Clicking into the site only scared me more.

Extra added comment:
1971, March 10 - Evening: According to a rumour, John, with George and Ringo,
presented himself at Paul's Cavendish Avenue house and threw a brick through
one of the windows.

(hee hee) (oh, sorry Macca) *snerk*

Someone (with more balls than me) oughta start a community for us anti-crediting peoples. For Beatles icons, and the rule is NOBODY gets any credit -- ! Just sharing! Free sharing with no anal-retentive possessiveness. For spreading the love of the subject in the icon, not for the love of showing off their own username.

I just get so bent outa shape when I think of the people who get ragged on by a community because they used an icon that someone else "made." When all they did was screw around with a photo that someone else took, way back when.

I mean, what can anyone do if you use "their" icons? Is there a LiveJournal law against it? Will they send the LiveJournal Police? I don't think LJ will be petty enough to ban you, unless you fight back and cause a lot of misery... not just for using a stupid icon.

So a community "bans" you? So what? So you see the icon somewhere else, copy and use it? What can they do except badmouth you for "stealing" "their work." Their work? Bollocks!

Unless they FIRST credit the original photographer, they're just jerking off in front of everybody by insisting on "credit."



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