christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Now both Brian and his impersonator are dead.

Don Knotts was the Brian Epstein impersonator!

When I read this news, the first thing I thought of was the unintentionally hilarious claim by the Paul-Is-Dead board that when the KKK killed Brian and Paul, they substituted him with none other than Don Knotts!

Don Knotts was the Brian Epstein impersonator!
Don Knotts was the Brian Epstein impersonator!

Just thought anyone who hadn't seen these would get a giggle.
Well, if you want to believe in the afterlife, maybe these two have gotten together now for a giggle about it too!

Try to imagine scenarios with Don Knotts as the manager of the boys... how would he have handled the jesus fiasco, for example?
"Nervous??" *flinch, twitch* "Nope! Nope!"
Or, even better, Brian Epstein as Andy's deputy:
"Man gets his best suit spotted and pressed, spends two hours polishing his hat, and for what? Heartaches!"
TV Guide blurb:
"They say he loved rough trade, but ... errmmm ..."
CLICK ==> this is going a bit beyond...

Another classic Barney quote -- visualize this coming from Brian:
"It's not a whim anymore if you put on clean underwear."

...Brian in a deputy uniform, shooting himself in the foot...

...Don Knotts shouting, "You just wait! My boys will be bigger than Elvis!"

and Barney Fife going to Spain with John?! NoooOOoooOOOOOoooOOOOooo!!!!

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