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The Definitive Beatles Uncyclopedia Entry

Addendum: Steph sat down next to me, made me read the entire 'pedia entry to her out loud. We both ended up screaming and went to bed with stomach cramps. But then again, we're both easily amused.

The Beatles Uncyclopedia EntryIt has been made rather very clear to me (by myself) that I should once again post the link to
on the Uncyclopedia.


They found a session drummer named Peep who didn't say anything, but had fabulous hair. Whether he was a mute or just didn't speak much was never found out, because he only lasted until 1958. One night Brian Epernaystein was attending the club looking for a band to manage and he saw "The Beatles" and asked them if he could manage them. He didn't like their music particularly, but he was most fond of their trousers. None of this had anything to do with Kafka, who wrote about a man who turned into a cockroach, not about singing insects.

His first decision was to send them to Hamburger in Germany. There they stayed for a few months for no reason. They got mostly into fights and all their instruments were lost while transferring them between Liverpool and Hamburger. After combing their hair into their eyes, they decided to Get Back to Liverpool. While on the plane they lost Stuart in the toilet. They met Ringu Moonn who was an air hostess, who, when they began talking, agreed to play drums, so Ge'ogre agreed to take over making the tea, and Peep was thrown out of the plane without a parachute (well metaphorically anyway).

They were downloading and copying (without permision) all the songs from the famous group The Rutles, till the industry put the eye on them.

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