christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Why I'm kind of an "Anti-Valentine"

Slash through St Valentin signI'm not anti-Valentine because I'm unloved; far from it. My intolerance for such holidays springs neither from spite nor sour grapes.

I'm anti-Valentine (anti- most so-called "holidays," actually) because I resent being told I should feel a certain way on a certain day.

Ah, at times I do enjoy playing along (such as my latest beatlepics plaything) ... why get overly serious about it all? Life is, after all, such an off-color, tasteless joke in itself. So I treat Valentine's Day and other holidays as the jokes they are. When you start thinking there's something meaningful about them is when they repel me.

I'm a great believer that every item, every area in life needs its corresponding antagonist. The world even needs its (perish the thought!) anti-Eppies*.

I have felt resistance to such hyped pressures ever since I was small. My daughter either carries this same genetic anomaly or has developed the same attitude via example or osmosis, for she also refuses to conform -- while her father eagerly trots along behind anyone who sucks up to him and throws him crumbs.

Undoubtedly many of the anti-Valentiners ARE people who cry for themselves in self-pity, bemoaning the lack of another pathetic human to cling to; these individuals need to wake up, stand on their own feet and scrape up some pride. Surprising how a person who radiates self-esteem will attract others.
Pity the sad fools who imagine they only look valued or respected when they're viewed in tandem with somebody else.

Having a "partner" may be satisfying in some ways, but never forget that you're sacrificing half your individuality. It takes courage to be independent. And intelligence to realize you can indeed be happy with yourself. It is not a bad thing to be alone; it is indeed a bad thing to be dependent on another to bolster your self-image.

I can say this with authority, having walked in both sets of shoes several times in this life.

I'm not saying I'm full of feelings of self-worth. In many ways I'm merely a lowly toad amongst the glorious frogs of the universe (is that coining a bad analogy or what!). But by my very nature I'm not a joiner or a follower. And I'm not jumping on this Valentines bandwagon, either.

Therefore let the cattle move on; the eagle and her fledgling shall fly high above the mooing crowd.

Hee hee.
It's not surprising that my nieces call me "the anti-Chris"...!
*Believe me, there are many anti-Eppies out there. Beginning with the people who, to this day, bear grudges for being pushed aside by Brian in the earliest days; i.e., Bill Harry
- KEY SENTENCE: "...the open animus of Harry means that - even if there IS some truth in his version - it is impossible to know conclusively if the story is accurate - or a part of his undisguised dislike of Epstein." -
as not being good enough for them, or who were rejected for using his boys for their own interests rather than purely The Beatles' interests.
Or the anti-Eppies who misunderstand his so-called "bad business decisions."
And the anti-Eppies, both gay-pride types and homophobes, who scorn his lifestyle without giving a thought or care as to why that lifestyle evolved.

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