christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Some quick news re Jude and Stu

Jude Law as Brian Epstein: Maybe not

According to Contact Music, reports that British heart-throb Jude Law is set to play late Beatles manager Brian Epstein have been denied by the project's producer, although the producer admits Law would be a great ambassador for the project. [more...]
Source: Contact Music

New Book: Stuart Sutcliffe - Gone but not forgotten

Stuart Sutcliffe's importance to the Beatles came from his artistic rather than his musical talent. Injected by the group's rebellious spirit of Rock n' Roll, it was regarded that their sound was "the Punk" of its day. Before the screaming girls, before the British invasion and way before Ringo, there
was Stuart Sutcliffe. [more...]
Source: Blogcritics

Thanks to Dave Haber at What Goes On! for the above news flashes!

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