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Some Brian Stuff - About The 60's Beatles Cartoon Show

CROSSPOSTED TO mrbrianepstein
Posted by: christine (a.k.a. eppylover)
Posted at: January 23rd, 2006, 09:16 pm
Chibi Brian Epstein

Trivia: supposedly Brian's name is mentioned in two of the toons.
One of them is

Episode 3A, "PLEASE MISTER POSTMAN" (locale - Africa)
Summary: The Beatles are all out of money and starving, thanks to Ringo buying rings that are immediately handshaken off him.
Ringo attempts to "wire" Brian Epstein by drumming on a log! However, he forgets to reverse the charges.
Dialogue from George: "If the operator wants ten pounds, I'll give her ten pounds!" (Grabs stick from Ringo and "pounds" the log) "One, two, three - "
The postman finally arrives, during their concert, but instead of money they receive an overdue notice from the Liverpool Light Company.
-(posted in newsgroups rec.arts.animation and by Howard Fein on 7/9/2004)
Second mention of Brian:
Episode 18B, "THANK YOU GIRL":
Brian Epstein is angry about the Beatles putting on weight. So he puts the lads on a diet and takes away all their money. The Beatles escape from their hotel room, to a cooking school where they hope to get a free bite to eat.
From A fan's webpage on The Beatles Cartoon Show
Eppylover error report: This Beatle fan's Brian assumption is totally flawed. Actually, the only "tipoff" to her would have been the "boss's" intense dictatorial attitude toward the Boys. He isn't named, you can't see him, and worst of all, he has an American accent. Gimme a break.

Here's Eppy's stuffy reaction when he and the boys saw some episodes (that old poop, lol)!
But, according to the article: "Ringo reportedly found it hilarious that his character was made to be, in his words, the 'dum-dum' of the episodes..."
And finally, here's Beatles

I remember when this Beatles Cartoon Show came out on TV for the first time -- Oy gevalt! I was embarrassed for them.

I can understand why Brian didn't want people to see it -- unfortunately, his lack of control of the show was mandated by the bad contractual advice he had listened to and acted upon when signing off on merchandising and distribution of the boys' image, and he only retained some control of this sort in the UK.

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