christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Again with the Family Guy Vids & More

I don't know why,
but this blunder is so freaking stupid
it never fails to amuse me.

Being stuck in the 60's,
I'm not very familiar with this Ashlee Simpson,
but she strikes me as a bit of a retard.

Apparently this embarrassment of nature
also amused Seth MacFarland:

Here's the original clip of Jude Law
introducing Ashlee Simpson and her

SNL Lipsync Boogie
Jude Law on SNL

Image hosted by
And here's the cartoon parody
of the same Jude Law and Ashlee Simpson Boogie
Image hosted by

Seth MacFarlane - Creator of Family Guy 3-1/2 minutes of outrageous clips,
interspersed with little comments

by Seth and some guys in England
Peter Griffin and his Good Angel

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