christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Trogday, 5 Sexy Beatles, and my Sir Brian Epstein fantasy...

Trogdor has been with us for 3 years now. HAPPY TROGDAY!

Ooooo! Brian Epstein has a couple cameos in this little music vid! The Beatles Are Too Sexy!
A delightful gift from the multi-talented trefenwyd and friend!

What might have happened had the Queen decided
(rightly, in my opinion)
to grant Brian Epstein a well-deserved knighthood:

At the ceremony, as she touches his shoulders with the sword, he is supposed to recite an ancient Celtic blessing. However, for all his genius and RADA training, poor Brian cannot seem to memorize the required Celtic words. On the day of his investiture, the nervous Mr. Epstein awaits his turn as several others are being knighted before him. As he listens to one after another correctly recite the Celtic blessing, he grows more and more anxious.

Finally, when he kneels before the Queen of England and she taps his shoulders with the sword, our esteemed Eppy completely forgets the Celtic words, and substitutes the first non-English words that pop into his head: "Ma Nishtahnah Ha Lailah Ha Zeh."
The Queen, clearly confused, looks to the gathered crowd, and says, "Why is this Knight different from all the other Knights?"

With apologies to anyone who recognizes this as an old, old Jewish witticism

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