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BBC-2's Sir George Tribute audio, another tribute leaves out Pete but includes Stu

Sir George Martin
From Ian Baird, writing to the site:

"Folks, Haven't seen this mentioned (apologies if it has been and I've missed it): BBC Radio 2 broadcast an 80th birthday tribute to George Martin the other night.

Cilla Black presented the documentary celebrating the long career of legendary record producer, composer, orchestrator and '5th Beatle' Sir George Martin.*

At the very end Paul sang his own special rendition of "Happy Birthday" to mark the occasion."

The programme is still available online through the BBC's "listen again" service using the BBC Radio Player.
Click on this link to listen:
BBC2's 80th birthday tribute to George Martin
Unfortunately, you have to have
RealPlayer and its plugin installed to listen.

Personally, I refuse to install RealPlayer or Real-ANYTHING on my computer, for reasons (many of which I have experienced myself prior to reformatting my hard drive and reinstalling my system a few years ago) detailed thusly:

*PLEASE NOTE! Of course, the Eppylover takes exception to anyone calling the great George Martin the 5th Beatle, but I suppose it makes the old guy feel good and can't really hurt Brian's feelings. I'm only concerned about laying that moniker on people other than Eppy because of the effect on his future image in history.
I'm sorry, but George Martin was the *6th* Beatle! Please!
George Martin, Dick James and Brian Epstein

Star-Club Beatles sign including Stu Sutcliffe and Pete Best

Also from

"We've mentioned the planned renovations in Hamburg. Included is a Beatle statue, but we're told Pete Best won't be included in it.

A petition has been set up online to request Pete be included."

(Despite any prenotions you may harbor, the Eppylover asks that you please at least give it a read. After all, they ARE including Stu!)

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