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IT WILL come as a shock to film fans who have spent their Christmases stocking up on their movie collections, but the technology industry is in agreement: the DVD is dead.

Picture Sleeve #1Picture Sleeve #2
Picture Sleeve #3Picture Sleeve #4

This guy got the idea to make good use of his spam emails. He looked at the subject line, and without opening the email, he drew whatever the subject line made him think of.

Steph and I have been crying with laughter at these. Too much laughing (is there such a thing?). Our stomachs hurt. Maybe it's just that much funnier when you're reading it together...

A blogger reports on Cyn's book John:
"It’s clear by her own account that
early on their marriage was doomed and maybe wouldn’t have happened if Brian Epstein weren’t a master publicist trying to save the Beatle reputation during a period in history that wouldn’t have been so forgiving of an unwed pregnancy.
Cynthia tries throughout most of the book to make a case that John loved her, but there wasn’t any evidence of that love by his disintegrating behavior toward her. From the beginning of their marriage, he left her alone, or with his aunt, in unforgiving conditions.
Brian Epstein seemed a better husband to her, and when he died, so did the publicity glue that kept her and John together."
Another blogger's musing -
"Seems like he needed someone like that in his life and after moving away from Mimi, I think Brian Epstein fit the bill. Not that Brian was controlling in an unhealthy way (like Mimi and Yoko were, methinks), but he did manage the lives of the Beatles and they trusted and loved him, John especially.
Yoko's appearance in John's life and Brian's death happened around the same time. You do the math."

Image April 67 Flip Magthe April, 1967 issue of Flip Magazine. The Beatles - What They Will Do. - Written in that weird pre-Pepper era, when their future seemed uncertain.

Fascinatingly, it is reported here that "pop tycoon Allen Klein flew into London. Almost as soon as he landed, the rumor was that two of The Beatles had approached him to handle their business" ...!

This was in 1967, while Brian Epstein was still alive. Curious....

An interesting Usenet session -
Jan 2, 4:28 pm
"John L. Mallette" wrote in message:
 > ...

 >  I read in a paperback, I think it was titled "A guide to the Beatles", that
 >  Ringo was left handed. I've never read this anywhere else and was wondering
 >  if this is true. If so, I was wondering why he played his drums like a
 >  right handed person, snare-left hand and hi-hat on the left side. I suppose
 >  that's the way he learned.

Frank from Deeeetroit wrote:
 >  Yes, Ringo was, and indeed still is, left handed.

"Mr.Fire" wrote:
 >  Another possible reason the group was so well suited to each other.
 >  2 lefties , 2 righties,perfect balance.

Saucy Jack wrote:
 >  And the lefties survived. Hmmm.....

This morning I came across a news item that may finally hold hope for people like me with dysthymic depression
Here's The News

Key paragraphs:
Most depression medications used today are members of the Prozac family that work by making more serotonin available to brain cells. They stem from a theory that depression patients might not have enough serotonin, a neurotransmitter, or chemical that carries signals between nerve cells.

Then scientists discovered the serotonin connection was more complicated, dependent on how well the neurotransmitter binds to receptors, or docking ports, on cell surfaces. Fourteen different serotonin receptors have been discovered.

The new research focuses on one of those receptors, dubbed the "1B" receptor, that seems to play a particularly big role in major depression.

Greengard and colleagues discovered that the p11 protein increases the numbers of these receptors on the surfaces of cells, mobilizing them so they're available for serotonin to do its job.

That led to a series of remarkable experiments, using mice as well as brain tissue saved from the autopsies of depressed patients, that found:

* Depressed people have substantially lower levels of p11 in their brain tissue than the non-depressed. So did a breed of mice, called "helpless" mice, that exhibit depression symptoms.

* Then the mice were given two older antidepressants -- one known as a tricyclic, the other an MAO inhibitor -- and electric shock therapy. Each treatment increased the amount of p11 in mice brains, even though each therapy is known to work in different ways.

* So the researchers bred mice that had no p11-producing gene. They acted depressed, and had fewer 1B receptors and less serotonin activity than regular mice. They also were less likely to improve with depression medication. Mice genetically altered to produce extra p11 acted in just the opposite way -- no depression-like behavior, and their brain cells carried extra serotonin-signaling receptors.

...Greengard's lab now is researching the potential for p11-related therapies...


The only relatives of John that count in this sad world are the "Power Lennons."

The Liverpool Lennons don't exist, ya know.

MTV ought to do a Cyn & Julian vs Yoko & Sean Celebrity Deathmatch!

After all, they did this Beatles one:

Beatles Deathmatch

Finally, to round out the holiday nonsense, neither Steph nor I wanted any Xmas tree this year. Of course, a couple days before Xmas we woke up to find Dale had indeed put one up anyway. I thought it was hilarious that he couldn't get most of the lights except for the pink ones to work on it.

Well, as soon as I saw it I replaced his topper with something I usually have hanging by my computer.

We then spent the holidays with a Hanukkah bush!
Plplplplplplplplpl!!!Plplplplplpl to Churchy Dale!
Now if only the lights were a light blue... ;)

If Jesus had been killed twenty years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks instead of crosses.
~ Lenny Bruce

All I ask is the chance to prove that money can't make me happy.
~ Spike Milligan

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