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--> Late Edit to the section of this post about Sean Lennon:
Please read this comment by spinalcracker following my post.
The Ringo-written song they're talking about
(that, in 1964, it looks like they'll never record),
"Don't Pass Me By" was finally awarded a spot
on their White Album released in 1968.

Interview in Australia AUCKLAND, June 24, 1964

Beatles with Australian journalist Bob Rogers Q: Is there any chance that either Ringo or George is going to start writing some songs? I mean, will they -

RINGO: Well, actually, George has written a few songs, and he'll tell you all about them now.

GEORGE: I'll tell 'em what - yeah. Actually, I wrote one that was recorded.

PAUL: "Don't Bother Me", only one of the most sensational songs ever.

GEORGE: Tried writing a few more, but they were laughed off.

PAUL: No, no George!

JOHN: They weren't, George.

PAUL: [hums a bit of "You'll Know What To Do"] Copyright!

GEORGE: That's my tune.

JOHN: George wrote a very good tune on the second LP.

GEORGE: Oh! John'll tell 'em.

JOHN: Which is called "Don't Bother Me". Which a lot of people won't e- they'll think it's ours, anyway, but George did write it, and a very strong tune, George.

GEORGE: But, as far as Ringo and I are concerned, we'll leave the songwriting to...

Beatles with Jimmy Nichol - 1964 Australia news conferenceRINGO: Excuse me! Paul's gonna sing the one I've written!

PAUL: No, I can't re- I can't quite remember it.

RINGO: Well, I'll get - just for a plug, Paul.

PAUL: But even so, we just - Ringo has written one called "Don't pass me by, don't make me cry, don't make me blue." A beautiful melody. Sincere, folks.

RINGO: That's it, yeah.

PAUL: "Don't Pass Me By," it's called.

RINGO: That's what it's called.

GEORGE: But Elvis killed it!

PAUL: Sincere thought, sir, but...

RINGO: Elvis killed it.

Q: What?

GEORGE: When he did it.


Q: Elvis killed it.

RINGO: No, he didn't.

PAUL: No, but you really - this is Ringo's first venture into songwriting.

JOHN: And are you going to sing it for us now, Ringo?

RINGO: I'm not going to sing it, Paul's going to sing it.

PAUL: [singing] "Don't pass me by/don't make me cry/don't make me blue, yeah".

RINGO: It's got a blues feeling.

PAUL: A blues feeling, y'know. "You know darlin' I love onl-"...

JOHN: Country and western. Crumbly and western, one of those.

RINGO: Well, it was gonna be a western, but Paul sang it the other night as blues feeling, and it knocked me out.

JOHN: It knocked you out, even though you wrote it?

RINGO: In fact, I'm gonna get a tape of him singing it for me very own.

Q: Are The Beatles going to record it?

RINGO: I don't know.

PAUL: You never know.

RINGO: But I don't think so, actually, I keep tryin' to push it on them every time we make a record.

JOHN: And we always try and do, but... unluckily, there's never quite enough time to fit Ringo's songs on. Because he never finishes it!

RINGO: It's finished!

PAUL: It's finished.

RINGO: We finished it.

JOHN: After 18 years...

Q: Ringo, why don't you give it to The Rolling Stones?


JOHN: Well, answer that, Ringo!

RINGO: I - I don't -

PAUL: Answer that...

RINGO: I refuse to answer that one.

PAUL: You know why? Because this song has got a sentimental attachment for us. And it's just one of those songs, like a old ring, that he'd never give away.

eppylover note: Notice how Paul tries subtly but gallantly to save poor Richie's pride from being hurt by big bad Johnny in those days!

    FROM THE Newslinks -

  • Happy birthday Tuesday to George Martin.

  • Still no Ringo! (Or, of course, *snif* no Eppy)
    Tom Jones, among a bunch of people I never heard of, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in the latest annual New Year's Honors, reports the BBC. Nothing is fair. (Nothing is real.)

  • Kind of a strange article: What if George Harrison had chosen Judaism?

    A couple of the more interesting paragraphs -
    All of which provides some reason to contemplate what may have transpired had George Harrison been charmed by the writings of the Zohar and not the Hindu mystics. Perhaps "Norwegian Wood" would then have been graced by Giora Feidman's Klezmer clarinet, and not by Harrison's sitar. Perhaps "My Sweet Lord" would have had alternating background choruses of Sh'ma Yisrael instead of Hare Krishna. And perhaps the Beatles would not have made a pilgrimage to the Maharishi's compound in Rishikesh, India, but to the yeshivot of Tzfat in Israel.

    The improbability of this having occurred barely needs to be stated. What is more interesting is to speculate on the parallels that bring Harrison's religious beliefs in line with Jewish teaching. By all accounts, those beliefs and practices were somewhat muddled affairs. Not quite Hindu and not really Buddhist, they were stitched together to suit the man and the lifestyle rather than following a strict pattern of observance. The man, who, after all, often publicly spurned the material over the spiritual owned homes around world, was a racing car enthusiast (owning several) and lived a life more akin to England's landed gentry than the abstinent swamis he idealized.

  • Sean Lennon's been in the news lately, perhaps not as he'd like to be. New reports he escaped injury when the British Airlines plane he was travelling on caught fire. And he told the New York Post he's looking for a girlfriend "with no deformities." (WTF?)
    -->Edit: Per spinalcracker, this is almost certainly made-up by the Post, perhaps in retaliation for some comments made by Sean against their publication. See the comment.

As it should be! - Brian is listed FIRST.

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