christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Xmas: A Link and a Rant

To begin with, before I rant, here's a random link I came across by accident: HERE is the LiveJournal of the gal who co-wrote the Cartoon Network Grim special Billy and Mandy Save Christmas!

Here's part of her user info:
"I live in Hollywood in a fabulous house with my fabulous boyfriend A. and our fabulous pit bull Daisy.

"A. spends his days as Maxwell Atoms, creator of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, while I spend my days greeting the UPS guy in my bathrobe and Playing WoW. I mean, um, I spend my days writing. Yeah, that's it. Professionally, I'm an Unemployed Television Writer, which is somewhat redundant. My TV writing partner is Older SlackBrother J. - you may remember our credits from such shows as "Lizzie McGuire" and "That One About the Kid." Younger slackbrother j. is an actor who'd like to be a Working Actor, so help a brother out."
Actually, I'm kinda jealous. That sounds like a great life to me. Living with the creator of a wonderful and popular cartoon show, and being free to be and encouraged to be creative yourself by the person you live with. Yes, the envy. I'm so happy for her.


And now: Yes, I'm ticked off again, as I am every year at this time.
Re: "I didn't get this, I didn't get that ... or, I got this and that, etc."
Why do people care what they f*ing GET? Isn't this Xmas farce supposed to be all about togetherness and fa-la-la (and/or, if you're a religion drone, jesus)? As for me, I never WANT people to GIVE me ANYTHING. But they do anyway, because you HAVE to give people presents on Xmas. I hate Xmas. It's so damn materialistic.

(Dale made certain ahead of time that my family all knew how much he was spending and what he was getting for me.)

Dale's attitude: Oh aren't I wonderful, Christine and family? I gave you such expensive gifts.

My unspoken reply: Yeah, right, and you treat me like shit the rest of the time.

I didn't ask for presents, I don't want them, and I asked you not to give me anything. But being who I am, I smiled politely and said thank you.

And why? Because I may hate Xmas, but I hate conflict worse. So I grit my teeth and become one with the rest of the cattle. Moooooooooo.

Xmas is such a fake f*ing charade that everybody has been brainwashed into since birth (kinda like religion).
Christmas time is here, by golly,
disapproval would be folly...
- A Christmas Carol by Tom Lehrer
The only true beneficiaries are big business. Think about it. Think about it!

And churches, of course.

Hmmm... churches, come to think of it, are a big business in themselves; don't let them fool you.
Actually, they're worse; they don't even pay taxes, for christ sakes.

Ah, the general public will suck up and believe anything, as long as you hype it big enough.

Okay, I'll think up a happier post and put that on after this one. I had to get that out. Sorry.

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