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The Eppylover as Poetress

While chatting with Steph a few minutes ago, she reminded me of a bit of ... doggerel ... that I blurted out in a very serious tone of voice one day, on the way home from picking her up from school. What part of my bizarre subconscious mind this thing came out of, I do not know! -
Dad is not a woman
Dad is not a man.
Dad is but a lonely egghead
in a frying pan.
So that is a sample of MY poetry. Eeuuwww! And it isn't even realistic - her dad is overly man-ish (the extreme hetero), he's not lonely (has a million redneck buddies and family), and he's definitely not an egghead (he's a high school dropout and mostly illiterate).

So where the heck did that "poem" come from? Weird. But she cracked up so badly that by the time we got home she was weeping and her stomach hurt.

Someday I might find my old high school "book" of poetry and put it online. I probably won't, though, because it's so dumb it's embarrassing!

I did, however, in those days put together a little book called "Sergeant Pepper" - the book's cover had a drawing of a pepper shaker with sergeant stripes on it. And the "poetry" was supposed to sound like Lennon's in his books. I think that book is in my Beatle box.

Some time ago Steph read a little bit of it, put it down and stared at me like she wanted to disown me.

Also, speaking of "poetry," in the 60's I once woke up laughing in the middle of the night from a dream I had in which Jeremy Clyde (of Chad & Jeremy) for no reason walked up to me, recited a poem - very flamboyantly, like a Shakespearean actor - then turned and walked away.
Image hosted by

Jeremy's Poem (in my dream)

If a rock should fall
and land on your head
you don't have to worry -
you're already dead.

Other than that crap, I don't do poetry - or at least I haven't done it since the 60's.
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