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Here's To John ~

This day entry from a 52-year-old Blogger made me smile a few times, albeit a mite sadly.

Here's To John (Before Moving On Again)
I listened, this morning, to a clip from John Lennon's interview with Rolling Stone editor Jan Weiner, circa 1969-1970. Lennon was discussing the break up of the Beatles, and some of his memories of the mania that ultimately made his role as rock icon more sorrow than joy.

He recounts the moment he learned that their (the Beatles) long time friend and business manager Brian Epstein had died, and how the Maharishi (who the Beatles were studying with at the time) advised them to "...just forget about it..." Lennon characterized the Maharishi's council as being like that of a parent condesending to a child. Just smile.

Lennon paused, on the tape, for a second, and then almost as an afterthought, but a powerful one that tells us what he really thought about Maharishi's pretentious insertion of his world view on people he did not know, he says, "...fuckin' idiot..."
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I read this on Usenet:
John's music got me to thinking, whereas Paul's got me to feeling good about the world...
Lay off Paul, John -- there's room for all of it.

In the movie A Hard Day's Night, the scene that took the longest to make was the one in which John said " I now declare this bridge open," mainly because he kept saying something other than the bridge, such as 'Fish & Chips Shop" etc.

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