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Eric Andersen talks to Spencer Leigh re Brian

  Excerpt: first published in Country Music People for February 2004.

Brian Epstein wanted to get a record deal for me and he said he would find good places for me to play. John Denver was the only person I told because everybody in the folk world would have hated me for going with Brian. I was going to keep it secret until there was a press conference.

I was at the Philadelphia Folk Festival when I found out that he had died. The guy who ran the festival got on stage and said, ‘I have good news for everybody - Brian Epstein has died. He never did anything for folk music and the Beatles never did anything for folk music.’ That is the day that I hated folk music.

People were calling me a folk singer and I rued the day that they called me that because I was so angry. They were so narrow minded and self-righteous and bigoted.

I had to play that night and I felt like walking off into the woods. I completely trusted Brian Epstein and I was devastated by his death.”

The entire article on Mr Anderson USED TO BE at ...

...but, since that page has been deleted, you can find the cached page via the Wayback Machine

Tags: brian epstein, death, eric andersen, folksingers

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