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Paul in space, Patti back to modeling, Brian dissed again, another George concert, and comedy relief

Paul - Live In Outer Space!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
A couple of interesting pics from his little broadcast.

Patti Boyd in 2005 - Back to Modelling!
(click title for article, pics for sites)

Image hosted by
Left=Pattie Boyd....................Right=Barbara Eden

The Eppylover is Pissed
Okay, this is not merely a pet peeve: once again the news media ~ in touting an upcoming broadcast of a 1970 Lennon interview where he vents his bla-bla anger against Macca ~ the news media has used the s-word (suicide) in reference to my Brian.

What will it take to get the media to see the logic, that people just do not kill themselves gradually ~~ over a period of 3 days??? That's stupid! And if they don't properly research or check reliable sources, what the f* are they doing in the news media anyway???

In other news - On December 4, another concert for George. Fine.
When's the concert for Brian gonna be?
When they tell me that, then maybe I'll get excited.

For Those Of Us Who Need Cheering Up Today

Menus(Makes me think twice about traveling to Europe)
"I'd like to order this with extra mushrooms on the side, please"
...Tastes like chicken!

Misc.I'm too scared to sit!
Easy directions on the roll...
You hear that, liquor heads?!

And finally, for those of us whom no amount of cheering up will help...
Just hit the execute button

And now, I suppose I'd better get back to saving my files -- yes, it does take days with this damn slow CeQuadrat program. But at least it works.

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