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Compy Update - and a followup post - Eppylover opines on MMT - & an EPPY-SPAM behind the cut!

Compy Update: Between then and now, here and there, I've filled up a few more CD-RW's ... holy crap, music and comedy take a lotta space! ... and I've gotta be really careful to find and save all the programs and stuff that aren't in my usual places for files. The hardest part is keeping track of what I've done already, because when I get to the point where a CD is almost full, I fill the rest in with smaller files in the same general area, but that means skipping around a little, and it's so easy to lose track. *sigh*

If I wanted to upgrade to Win XP, I couldn't anyway, because it costs $$$$ ... and I'm not gonna cheat because I KNOW someday Microsoft is gonna find a way to "get" everybody who's using a bootleg Windows, like my sister's partner always does. I'd rather be kosher*.

*Yeah, yeah, I know the old Oscar Levant joke
(see 5th paragraph in linked site)
about the wife who converted to Judaism for her husband...
in this case, Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller. Naughty.
Oscar Levant was, by the way,
one of my all-time favorite people.

But, as I said before, so far, so good.

And now, a followup post to my last post:

Firstly, Help! wasn't nearly as good as A Hard Day's Night.
But what could ever be as good as AHDN???

In Help!, I loved the schtick, novelty and clever gimmickry - their combined flat/house, Wrigley's wrapper, "I can say no more," Mal the Channel Swimmer, etc. - but the main "plot" (such as it was) felt so contrived and stupid - the whole fake Eastern-influenced cult thing, feh! Even way back then, to me it seemed to verge on a trite mindless racism with no real clever satire to justify it. We may have been naïve back then, but not THAT naïve!

John himself wasn't too fond of that flick. He felt like they were extras in their own movie, hahaa.

I had a funny thought after a few watchings since the old days: Help! would have been a better, funnier movie without the plotline. Wouldn't that have been a hoot?


And Magical Mystery Tour..?... Welllllllll...
It feels unfinished or something.
I'm positive Eppy would have done something to make it better. He wouldn't have let it go out like that!

It needs..... something......

Yes, John and the kid is the best thing about it...
(All I could think was, I wonder how Julian felt/feels about that scene?)

And Spinetti provided a brilliant schpiel and brightened it up for a while... proving to me he's a better actor than he showed in the other movies.

Otherwise, I was just sitting here agape, going...
W. T. F. ???!!!

Augghhh! The film just has no cohesion!
(I was even bored during most of it)

Holy jumpin christ on a bbq spit. They needed Brian Epstein to guide this production.
To tell them, "Errmmm, boys, you may be on the right track, but it needs a lot more work."

Ah well, if there was anything Python-esque about MMT, it escaped me.


Ya know, Li'l Eppy was sitting here watching it with me.

I had to wrestle the bottle of Carbitrals away from him
and throw it out the window.

But he did finish off 2 fifths of
Courvoisier and a joint,
and now he's off on his own MMT.

Image hosted by
He's got the right idea.

To make us feel a little better, here are a few photos of Brian Epstein.

Portrait by Robert Whitaker, Sensitivity by Epstein 'Brian, do you like that one?' OMG, I guess Brian likes that one! I can hear him panting through the photo! EVEN STUDLY ENTREPRENEURS GET HUNGRY THESE are the 7 words you can't say on telly, Mr. Carlin? What, who's the Old Maid?! A'ight, guv, say a priest, a minister and a rabbi walked into a loo...
In this particular case, EPPYLOVER WILL TAKE THE FIFTH!
It was 44 years ago... Brian Epstein taught the band to BEHAVE...

Image hosted by
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