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Roll Up For A Free Beatles Movie Online Find!

Guess what I found on Google Video Search?

The entire 53 min 28 sec of

And hey, I hit my 'Print Scrn' key and look what I got!

John: 'I Am The Walrus!'
Paul: 'That's right, John. YOU are. Remember that when you write Glass Onion later!'

Ha... Wonder how long this will stay up before APPLE goes barmy and forces it offline???

Ya know, I've NEVER seen it, so I'm watching it right now as I type.

There's a sad stubborn reason why I could never bring myself to see MMT.
But since it's right smack in front of me right now, and I've always been curious...
and, well... heh heh... I feel like I'm spitefully poking a little wormhole in Apple.

BTW, since it's playing right now, I do believe "I Am The Walrus" was the
first song John wrote after Brian died.

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