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Bovayne Harrison

Got a few more big batches of music files saved on CD-RW's today.

As long as I don't do any file organizing -- i.e., sorting my images and/or music files into different folders -- compy seems to behave a little better.

Methinks I may do another defrag tomorrow after backing up some more data. Perhaps that will help buy me more time.

When I got really sick of the CeQuadrat backups all day, I did a little more Google Video Search and
(besides some really funny Family Guy stuff)
I found:

Bovayne Harrison
Video Interview
- Part 1
Long Lost Son of George

This fella didn't know he was an illegitimate son of George until in his late teens -- at which time his adopted parents told him and he got the papers...

IMO, he'd possibly look more like his purported daddy if he'd show more of his eyebrows. Otherwise, he must obviously (almost exclusively, to me) take after his mom's side.

I've never heard of him until I searched "Beatle" on Google Video Search.
(I focus so much on Eppy that a great deal of Beatles stuff doesn't get noticed... )

I can find no reason to disbelieve his claim; and indeed it's a taken-for-granted thing. Seems like a very nice chap, too. His story is fascinating, how he was brought up by untalented nice people but at a very early age started sprouting all this talent.

Makes one wonder how many other Beatles spawn (hee hee) there are floating about on earth -- and indeed how many of them are not aware of their heritage? You know there must be some.

And lazarusloafer -- who be-ist the lord thy mod of the beatlechildren Community -- if indeed you also like this bloke, feel free to use any of this info or even link to my journal.

nowhere_girl12, crazee_diamond, and lazarusloafer -- you might have a slight interest in the last part of Part 1, regarding another Brian, in whose defense Bowvayne gets quite fierce.

Bovayne Harrison Video Interview - Part 2
Bovayne Harrison Video Interview - Part 3
Tags: beatle children, brian epstein, george harrison

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