christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger, Danger...

My computer is acting very funky lately. Many blue screens of death. But, the lamebrain that I am, I just reboot, let scandisk do its Windows 98 thing, and limp on.

If I had any brains, I'd save everything I could to CD-RW's right now. Not too long ago I received a nice screen that said: "Explorer has failed to load. YOU MUST REINSTALL WINDOWS."

Ach, I do NOT wish to reinstall Windows, because that would mean the latest version of Windows! I have used other peoples' computers with more current versions, and I still prefer Windows 98. You can do so much more of the type of thing I like to do. But Microsoft does not support it anymore; indeed MS stopped even making their crucial updates available, so everyone who lost Windows would be screwed and be forced to upgrade, whether they liked the new versions or not.

So if you discover me missing for an inordinate amount of time, I'm either:
  1. Backing up my programs and files as stated heretofore, using an abysmally shitty CD recording program that came with this computer;

  2. The computer actually died on me before I could do the above (in which case I'd consider suicide, or catering to Dale by getting a job -- which, in my opinion as a retired old lady, is the same as suicide);

  3. Dale got another bug up his buns and took my computer away from me again -- or, as he threatened last time, smashed it with his sledgehammer; or

  4. I'm dead or in hospital or otherwise seriously indisposed. I should really teach Steph how to post a notice on my LJ about that should it ever happen.

So if you still see me posting despite this post, then be aware that I indeed have no brains and should be lined up against Brian -- err, I mean the wall -- and shot.

Then they can put me and all my Eppy paraphenalia into an extra large baggie, and dump me in a hole across the street -- where the Grandville Cemetery is conveniently located! That's called pre-planning.

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