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Something I found while researching my old mrbrianepstein posts

Speaking of England being many years behind, one of my English pen pals in the 60's sent me the telly (TV) guide section of her newspaper in 1966 ... as I recall, their broadcast day began sometime in the afternoon and ended at 11 or 11:30pm. It was assumed by the British broadcasting industry that the majority of people did not watch telly during working/housecleaning/school hours, and it would be a waste of money indeed to broadcast anything at those times of day.

Tony Bramwell, by the way, remembers it this way:
"...outdoor toilets were still common, a telephone a rare luxury and television was BBC from 6 each evening until signoff at 9, when primitive sets threatened to overheat. 'Britain was severely monotone,' Bramwell writes. 'English movies were austere kitchen-sink dramas. Clothes were drab. You weren't supposed to enjoy yourself.'"

...As a personal aside, I saved up for, but was unable to, give her a transcontinental phone call -- because most people did not have telephones in their houses (she lived in Manchester), and she would have had to travel about a mile to the nearest store where they had a phone. Whoa! Paradigm shift!!!
Except for historians, etc., people in the US didn't know anything about the British, except junk about the Revolutionary War ... nor did we give a rat's ass about England. I certainly remember thinking (before 1964) that England was soooo boring!
Brian changed all that DRAMATICALLY AND FOREVER with his Beatles, pulling the US and UK together socially, economically, and technologically. Due to his British Invasion, many, many Yanks migrated to England (mainly London) during the late 60's/early 70's, forcing the Brits to become much more aware of how far behind they were!  The pinnacle of his triumph was the "All You Need Is Love" worldwide broadcast. Even as messed up as his brain was during that time, he was instrumental in getting this done. Can you imagine what a force this man would have been if his bipolar been diagnosed properly (which was impossible back then) and treated, and his substance abuse cleaned up? The world would be much different today, I am certain!

from THIS post, dated 10/24/2004.

An essay that y'all may find boring as hell -- but I find the info fascinating.

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