Sorry, I can't automatically, blindly and unreservedly trust and recommend this play.......

NOTE: Due to my past experiences observing what people (usually well-intentioned, but not always) have done with Brian's legacy, I now tend to intuitively harbor grave reservations concerning projects such as this one.

Guess I've learned my lesson in the past ten years, having been faced with movies portraying Brian in a grossly inaccurate manner like The Hours and Times and Lennon Naked; nonsensical, embarrassing, clueless plays such as Traveling Light, and ~ forgive me Shakespeare ~ the most unkindest cut of all, the trendy internet invention that is the infantile slander called fanfic (especially of the slash variety). Ugh.

My mistrust of Brian "tributes" all seemed to have started with a (thankfully never made) Jude Law movie that was going to be titled Tomorrow Never Knows. It mostly went downhill from there.

One hopeful note: The Fifth Beatle, the movie now slated to start production in 2014, promises to be respectful and dignified. The fantasy segments are supposed to be so outrageous and psychedelic so as not to be taken seriously (except in the sense that it might convey a feeling of Brian's mental state). The creator and scriptwriter of the movie has personally promised this to me, over and over. His script had even been approved from the beginning, around ten years ago, by Brian's real-life nephew Henry Brian Epstein, who is the family's "keeper of the flame" when it comes to his uncle's legacy.

So, I'm not going to get all excited and just automatically endorse the play described in the article below, I won't jump the gun and be happy about it merely because it purports to be a tribute to Brian, or merely because it has the good fortune to premiere at the theatre bearing Brian's name. Did Henry Epstein read, review, and approve the script? Then how do we know it's accurate, appropriate, and respectful?

Most disappointing of all would be if the play concentrated on Beatles. Beatlemania may have spelled Brian's high point, and the factor by which we came to know him ~ but after all, that phenomenon defined only the last 6 years out of his almost 33 years of life. Supposedly the play is about BRIAN, not JPG&R. We shall see.

I hereby leave it to Jen Heyes, Bill Elms, and especially Andrew Sherlock to prove me wrong. PLEASE.

Epstein 'A new play about the man who made The Beatles'
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What now John?


From the Facebook page of a fellow Eppy-lovin' British musician/English language tutor/Wikipedia editor of brilliance, Mr. Andrew Edge, who has resided in Austria since the 80s.

Wikipedia's Brian Epstein page is very much a product of his editing (with some other very persistent people), and in editing the page he had listened to my suggestions A LOT.

It's been a long time since I have thoroughly read that Wiki page, though ~ so if anyone sees a discrepancy that should be attended to, please let me know, and I can advise Andrew.
He da maaaan.

Love that guy Andrew Edge.

This image below was posted by a friend of Andrew's, in response to our convo about the happiness resulting from breaking out of toxic relationships. I just HAD to share this.