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The bad news is

This was me last nightBoy oh boy oh! And oy vey iz mir! Was I irked beyond words yesterday. Um, that's not exactly the term that I used last night, as a post that I'd been working on and having fun with all day met its maker.

Well, it didn't exactly meet its maker -- as that was obviously me -- but it did go down the proverbial toilet with a grand flourish!

You see, I was on the verge of posting my masterpiece, and was clearing a few extraneous windows off my desktop, when the practical joke gremlins apparently inhabited my fingers and pushed the little "x" button in the upper right-hand corner of my LiverJourney window.

Now, usually I keep an open session of MS Notepad minimized during all posts that are becoming more than I can trust to memory. Repeatedly pasting my HTML'd content over to it during pregnant creative pauses seems to work better than any other method. Yesterday I was going so well that I neglected safeguarding a great deal of material.

Hence, no post for July 21.
And how was your day? Image hosted by

To cheer me up a little...

For those of us who did a lot of surfing for the past several years,
here's a little trip down Internet Memory Lane --
Top 10 Web fads
(Daughter Steph is an "All Your Base" fan, hee hee)

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