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Redecor to the Bri MySpace: a.k.a. "Shut Up ~ I Like Blue!"

Spent a bit of time re-vamping the looks of the eppylover MySpace (the link to the site is in the left column on my LJ home page, or HERE).
Someday I should even add some relevant content/updates. "Should" doesn't mean "will" ~ but, eh, whatever.

In other blather, our apartment complex had a "special" today ~ Everyone who orders a pizza from a certain Papa John's on this date is entered into a contest. The winner receives 10 percent of all the net rental payments for the month from all the units in their complex ~ which is then deducted from next month's rent for the winner!

Huh. I didn't see anyone else from this building getting a delivery except us.
Sure hope that's true! Because we would win by default!

EDIT ~ On second thought, maybe the contest is for ALL the buildings ~ god, there must be 15-20 of them, with what ~ 12 units in each building? But the winner's payout is for ten percent of just the winner's building. may be the way I figured before. Well, my second thought would cut down my chances considerably, but ... hey, man, the pizza was damn good. Heh.


Not that we could use a break on the rent. *cough-snork*

Speaking of our apartment complex ~~ here's something really trippy ~ I was able to zone in on the exact same building that Stephy and I live in ~ using Google Maps!

As seen from the main thoroughfare! LOLOL!!!
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