christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Flying Poo Of Doom~ of course it was created by an American...

The entire, full story is here at SFBG Arts & Culture Blog ~ That's a giant inflatable dog turd, blowing in the wind, pulling down power lines

A condensed version by
Catch that flying poo
GENEVA | A giant inflatable dog turd created by an American artist blew away from an exhibition at a Swiss museum, local media reported Tuesday.

The sculpture by U.S. artist Paul McCarthy, part of an exhibition called “East of Eden: A Garden Show,” was caught in a strong wind. Before landing, it brought down a power line and broke a window of a children’s home, said Juri Steiner, director of the Paul Klee centre in Berne.

See a pic of it here, followed by humourous public commentary, at

Ah. How we Statesiders love our poo. ♥
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