christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Grab it! Brian intros artistes on 3 shows.

Hullabaloo - Volumes 1-4 (2000, DVD)

I can't believe [ THIS ] is going so cheap, just one dollar with shipping under $5.00, with only one bid so far, and one day to go.

I stole mine for approximately $12.00 each a couple years ago on,
and since then I have seen them go for as much as $215.00!

However, having just checked Froogle, I see that [ you can still get a deal ]...

In any case, the Hullabaloo shows were the type of patronizing crap the networks spoon-fed us teenagers in those days. Embarrassingly silly and forced, most of it. The Brian Epstein "Hullabaloo London" segments were far more low-key and palatable, although you can tell they didn't know to, or bother to, let Brian rehearse the cue cards over there ~ it always looks like he's trying to read them for the first time.

My fave Eppy "Hullabaloo London" bits, though, were the interviews he did with Dick Lester (Vols. 9-12) and Andrew Loog-Oldham (Vols. 5-8). I hate to use the word, but he's so cute.
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