christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Blame the Irish, with a Beatlebootvid

No comments on the previous post! Omigawd, it must have been the ultimate in borrrring!!!

I know, I know ~ The title "Hanging out in the Cavern with Brian Epstein" was quite misleading ~ but hey, that's what the actual article was called! So put the blame on the Irish! (The Irish Independent website, that is)

Sorry, I've been kinda busy ~ still am ...
(Just thought I'd check in and 'ave a larf) ani laughing smiley
Meanwhile, here's a video with a song I've never heard.
(Because your eppylover is not the biggest listener of Beatles boots)
Eppy, Ed and the boys CLICKEZ-VOUS
It actually includes a couple of unfamiliar pics, too... this isn't an actual video, but a series of photos to accompany the song.
BTW, I can see why this one wasn't legitimately released ~ Brian's boys are *gasp!* quite out of tune here and there!

I've already spent too much time here see ya later!
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