christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

A sickly eppylover...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI haven't felt much like getting on the computer today, having been in bed sick with some sort of "stomach flu" / sinus pain thingy for the past 24 hours or so. Yeuuuuggghhh. So Stephy has happily been in key-pokin' heaven for many many hours!

I'm finally daring to try to keep down some plain white rice cooked with the juice from a can of chicken noodle soup as part of the cooking water. About 6 hours ago I took a couple sips of good old-fashioned regular Coca-Cola, which continues to be the only thing besides nibbles on saltines that a sick eppylover can handle. No, a couple sips didn't do me any good; so back to bed I went, to have those weird sick-dreams...
... one in which I clicked some kind of link, and zillions of ad windows kept popping up, and I couldn't stop them!

Fortunately, that doesn't happen to me in real life, since ( I shall sound like an advert)
~ I use Pest Patrol regularly
(or whenever my compy starts acting funky or slow),
~ I have a ZoneAlarm firewall (expired since May because I have no money to renew! but the bare-bones free version still works to an acceptable extent),
~ And, when a fave website unfortunately has popup ads, I've got my PUK=Pop Up Killer...I've had it for so long I guess they've been bought and changed to "Zero Popup Killer"... customized par moi for full effect!

Ohh whizzicals ... I notice there are a couple of emails from eppyhelper friends, so mayhaps I'd best crawl over to my inbox and see if a little visual eppification will help my matters.
I shall leave you for now with one of my fave pieced-together images:

Our Motto: "Wherever there's Brian, you'll find eppylover!" ~ ♥ ~

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